Charlotte Cassady, J.D.

Charlotte Cassady, prior to starting CUES,  practiced as an attorney specializing in education law for twenty years with Cassady Law PLLC in Seattle, Washington. In this capacity, Ms. Cassady accumulated decades of experience working closely with parents, mental health professionals, educators, and schools to identify the needs of children and young adults as well as suitable educational, therapeutic and transitional placement options for them. She visited and assessed numerous day schools in the greater Seattle area and residential schools all over the country. Ms. Cassady continues to practice with Cassady Law PLLC, offering legal guidance in educational matters. With CUES , she offers, along with Dr. Ann Uherek, non-legal educational guidance for parents and legal guardians searching for appropriate residential, therapeutic and transitional settings for youth who need them. Ms. Cassady graduated from Tulane University Law School, cum laude, in 1989, then worked with the Louisiana Supreme Court and the law firms of Perkins Coie and Schroeter Goldmark and Bender before starting her own firm in 1998 focused on education law. She is a frequent speaker at seminars focusing on educational issues and law, including the Pacific Northwest Conference of Special Education and the Law, and continuing legal education seminars sponsored by the Washington State Bar and the law schools of the University of Washington and Seattle University. Ms. Cassady has served or serves on the boards of public service organizations focusing on the needs of youth and/or individuals with special needs, including Teamchild and the King County ARC.