We help families in crisis navigate
residential programs for kids that need help

“We have the experience to identify programs that will guide and support your child on their path to emotional health, wellness, and academic success.”

Charlotte Cassady and Ann Uherek have over two decades of experience helping families identify academic and therapeutic programs and services for children and teens with special needs and challenging behavior.

How We Can Help



Before making any recommendations, we carefully collect and evaluate information about problematic behaviors as well as temperament, interests, and family needs.





We meet with families from all over the US and present residential treatment options with explanations of how each will serve their child's needs. We will answer your questions and provide information on next steps.



Our team is highly qualified to evaluate residential programs. We also help with the admissions process. It’s not enough to help you find the right program, we want to ensure placement.


Once your child is placed in a program, we follow-up with their care team, as well as with you the parents. We are able to help you and your child adjust to the change and problem solve any difficulties that arise.